Heart School



Following the establishment of an agreement between International Heart School and Universidad degli Studi Milano Bicocca in 2011, IHS students have had the chance to do a University Master's Level II degree in Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Anaesthesia and Cardiology.

The notification and regulations governing the Master's Level II degree can be consulted at the website (see the link to the Call and academic programme).

The objectives of the University Master's Level II degree coincide with those held by IHS and take into account the importance of extending Master's degrees to European and non-EU students in order to facilitate cultural and scientific exchanges among students and faculty.

If admitted, attendance in the Master's programme is mandatory. With certification of attendance that is equal to or higher than 75% of the Master's activity hours and after passing the exams planned, students are awarded 60 ECTS credits, equivalent to 1,500 hours of study.


Cardiac surgery is a specialised branch which has seen fast and significant progress in the last forty years. This means it is currently possible to successfully treat cardiac pathologies which a few decades ago were considered untreatable or treated with mediocre results. This evolution has had an impact on all cardiac surgery fields as well on branches which were developed simultaneously, particularly, cardiac anaesthesia and interventional cardiology. Nowadays, branches like heart transplants, ventricular assistance and, last but not least, treatment of congenital cardiopathologies, are the three major areas of cardiac surgery in adults.

The course offers students specific training in the field of cardiac surgery, cardiology and cardiac anaesthesia with special attention given to complex pathologies that affect adults (cardiac decompensation surgery, heart transplants, ventricular assistance, ECMO, mitral valve and aortic valve surgery, thoracic aortic repair) and children (cyanogenic and non-cyanogenic congenital pathologies, transplants and ventricular assistance, ECMO). Moreover, an anaesthesialogical and cardiological approach to the foregoing pathologies will also be a focus in the Master's Level II program.


International Heart School develops a project rooted in the consolidated reality of Bergamo and its Hospital over the last thirty years.

Over this long period, Bergamo has remained in constant connection with the most prestigious International Centres which share the same specialisation in the field of diagnosing and curing cardiovascular diseases.