Heart School

Organisation Chart

Board of directors of the International Heart School Onlus L.Parenzan J.W. Kirklin

Dr Stefano Paleari


Dr Roberto Bercé

Vice Chairman

Dr Paolo Ferrazzi


Dr Paolo Malighetti

Secretary of the board

Dr Annachiara Pedroli


Dr Marco Venier

Dr Antonio Parenzan

Dr Piero Abruzzese

Dr Roberto Sorti

Dr Antonello Gavazzi

Dr Philip Bonhoffer

Il comitato scientifico dell'International Heart School Onlus L.Parenzan J.W.Kirkin

Dr Paolo Ferrazzi


Director of IHS, Director of the Center for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Valve Pathologies at the Policlinico di Monza

Dr Antonello Gavazzi

Coordinator of the didactic activity and referent for cardiology teaching

Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee at the A. O. Papa Giovanni XXIII Foundation in Bergamo, former Director U.O. Cardiology at A.O. Papa Giovanni XIII in Bergamo

Dr Luca Lorini

Director USC Anaesthesia and Reanimation II at the A.O. Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo

Dr Lorenzo Galletti

Head of the Pediatric Cardiology Surgical Department at the Bambino Gesú Pediatric Hospital in Roma

Prof. Stefano Marianeschi

Referent for pediatric teaching

Head of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery at the Niguarda Cà Grande Hospital in Milan

Dr Francesco Merlo

UOC Director of Cardiac Surgery at A.O. Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Bergamo

Dr Michele Senni

Director of the Cardiovascular Department at A.O. Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Bergamo

Dr Giuseppe Vaccari

Cardiac Surgeon at Policlinico di Monza

Dr Marco Meli

Referent for anesthesiology teaching

Head of the Department of Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Post-operative Intensive Care at the Hesperia Hospital in Modena

Dr Aleksey Zyrianov

Formely IHS student, specializing in cardiac Surgery